The History & Mission of Real Talk Podcasting

Inaugural recording of RTP’s podcast

Founded by professionals, built on experience, and driven to deliver proven & practical advice to podcasters.

Real Talk Podcasting (RTP) was founded in the Spring of 2021 by Roman Prokopchuk, Tanner Campbell, and Pedro Maciel – seasoned podcasters with professions based in the creative and technical spaces of SEO, marketing, audio engineering & production, live streaming, traditional broadcasting, and media consulting.

Both the founders and the writers at RTP are focused on one thing: providing tested, proven, and practical advice to podcasters, and to do so consistently and reliably for as long as the medium is in need of these things.

areas of Expertise

Our writers, podcasters, and creatives have a wealth of knowledge, so this is not an exhaustive list, but some of what you’ll read, watch, or listen to on this platform includes:

Search Engine Optimization & Podcast Marketing

Podcast Monetization & Audience Growth

Production Technology & Techniques

Post-Production Engineering & Best Practices

Who we serve

We’re not here for everyone, but we’re here for every podcaster. Beginner, intermediate, or full-on advanced podcasting ninja, we’re here to be useful and to help you keep moving forward.

New podcasters looking to get started smarter

Experienced podcasters looking to grow their listenership

Experienced podcasters looking to monetize

Podcasters looking to cross over into the livestreaming space

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