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This guy in Australia, Jaime Chaux, thinks, in the future, podcasts are going to be 3-minutes long on average.

A picture of Jamie Chaux in front of the Sydney Opera House
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I think Jaime Chaux is crazy. Crazy like a fox.

Voice search is on the uptick, very much so, and what Chaux is prognosticating here has legs, but not in the way I think he thinks it does. Here’s what he says:

“I’m not being a pessimist here, I am more pointing out that people already have very busy lives and already have their own choices of content in places that they regularly consume and are happy with. Regular punters do not have the time to think about their content choices in detail like those of us in the industry do.”

“The solution to this is to consider a potential new podcast in terms of either what consumer need it is going to solve or how the podcast’s story grabs someone emotionally when they hear about it that makes them want to try it and then replace something else that they are consuming.”

Chaux in interview with Radio Today’s Vivienne Kelly

I’ll go on record here and say, in my opinion, podcasts will never average 3-minutes – if for no other reason than most podcasters not having the production chops to create a podcast of value in that short a runtime. A 3-minute show that caught on would have to have some serious work behind it, not in recording or editing time of course but in pre-production for sure.

But I think Chaux is, perhaps accidentally, standing at the precipice of a much larger shift in audio content creation… one that may mean big bucks for “podcasters.”

Imagine creating a 3-minute podcast that answers the question, “How do I fish?”

Now imagine that search query happens 1M times a month.

Now imagine your audio snippet, which I can’t believe we’re calling a podcast, is the number one “Audio Result.”

Now imaging that for 3-seconds, just before the audio snippet plays, the searcher hears this…

“This Answer is made possible by Bombas Socks. Learn more about how your socks can change the world by visiting Bombas Socks dot com.”

And then your 3-minute answer played.

Lastly imagine a CPM of $3 for that sponsorship message… at 1M listens. What’s that?

Oh, just $3000.

I think this approach is the next content marketing gold rush and that investing time in creating high quality audio answers to common queries, right now, is a smart risk to take.

The second Google adds audio answers to this box:

It will be too late to jump on board. You want to rank for this sort of thing now, before Google is even thinking about including audio in this sort of SERP element.

So, 3-minute podcasts becoming the norm? No, probably not, not in my opinion anyway. But 3-minute podcasts defining a new genre of audio content creation? Search Casts? Yeah. I think so.

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