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When we first start our podcast, we could be, or were, just dying to hit record.

Being so excited about being behind the microphone and getting everything started, like yesterday!

You have found our voice, you have found your purpose to start a Podcast and being in this place, can see us get started really quickly.

For those that have already started, you may feel your show is ready for a change, it could be time to turn it up a notch, this can also be an exciting time.

But how do we organise our podcast? How do we implement anything above without falling off the rails, without hitting our head against a brick wall and without having any overwhelm that could result in a burn out or pod fade completely.

We need to take a breath, slow it down, and remember “Rome was NOT built in a day”.

Yes we are keen, we are all eager beavers at this point, but taking time to plan and get organised will help you later on, trust me!

Finding the right planning method for us as individuals is key. This could be a notebook, it might be a whiteboard or giant sketch pad. Use what works for you at this point.

Two things I like to attack…

Flow of the Show 

This is what elements are in your podcast, and this applies to solo episodes, interviews or storytelling, just about any structure can apply here.

At what point do you simply fire the questions to your guest? 

When do you ask the guest about their profession?

All of these pieces of the podcast puzzle need to come together to help you create the flow of your show.

For this, I’ve used Post-it notes on a large table, write down all the parts, then with the Post-it stick and move system, you can have a wonderful game of Tetris!

This can take anywhere from 30mins to 2 hours, depending on the complexity, your level of OCD (mine is very high) and also your creative mind and how it works.

Something else to consider, you are not laying a concrete slab here.

This can change, 5 times if you need to.

Many times we need to set the stage, have our plan, hit record and then discover further tweaking is required, know that this is ok!

Episode Schedule

There was so much confusion, there were scribbles of ideas all over my desk, it was “Hell in my Handbag”!

From memory, I reached episode 3 and I was not planning ahead for who the next guest was, what my next solo episode was going to present, and many other pieces of the podcast aspects. I quickly realised I needed to have a schedule tool to help me see what’s next and what is coming down the road for my podcast.

Being able to forecast our episodes out and see the “calendar” gives us the ability to plan ever further and consider special episodes. You might like to plan episodes that hit during festive seasons, seasonal trends in your industry or even into items such as awareness months on particular topics.

All of this can bring powerful meaning and extra engagement to not only your show, but also to your audience.

Like mentioned above in the Flow of your Show, you need to find the system that works for you. This could be a physical diary, or it could be your digital calendar. 

It’s all about being organised, it’s all about being able to see forward

Of course this is all part of the bigger picture of podcasting, as we all know or quickly find out there are so many elements to putting together the show. 

Give yourself grace, avoid the overwhelm and know that it is ok to ask for help!

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  1. These are some great tips!
    Every new podcaster should read it and take notes. I had to try so many systems before I found out what actually works for me.


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