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First things first: there’s more than one way to do this. Second things second: I’ve tried them all and I’m going to give you the one that is the easiest. I’m putting the focus on ease, not price. You cannot do this for free.

Here are the three problems you need to solve:

  1. People on Clubhouse need to be able to hear you. This requires a microphone.
  2. You need to be able to hear people on Clubhouse. This requires headphones.
  3. People on Clubhouse should not hear their voices repeated back to them when they speak to you. This requires the ability to mixminus.

I’m assuming you already have an XLR microphone, and a pair of headphones. Now you need a way to connect both to your phone and to do so in a way that does the mixminus for you because you’re not an audio engineer with unlimited cables and gear.

This is the easiest and most affordable setup I know to do this…

The Zoom PodTrak P4 ($199) and a Male-to-Male TRRS Cable ($10)

You may not want to spend that money, you may want to rig this together using an iRig2, an existing audio interface device, and a couple of cables you have lying around. If that’s what you want to do, good luck and I hope you never have to move it and remember what you did in the first place to get it working.

Here’s the shopping list if you need it:

  1. Zoom PodTrak P4
  2. Male-to-Male TRRS Cable
  3. Apple DAC Lightning Dongle

If you want to do it the hard way, here’s how you would do that…

Big disclaimer here: In the setup below, you wouldn’t be able to record the Clubhouse side of the conversation. If you’re on an Android device, just nix the iPhone dongle and it’s the same setup.

Best of luck out there.

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