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This guy in Australia, Jaime Chaux, thinks, in the future, podcasts are going to be 3-minutes long on average. I think Jaime Chaux is crazy….

I’m going to be honest and say that I’m tired of hearing this question asked. Not because new people are asking it as new podcasters…

As originally reported in PodNews by James Cridland: Apple Music is to launch lossless audio for all 75M songs on the platform (at up to 24-bit…

When we first start our podcast, we could be, or were, just dying to hit record. Being so excited about being behind the microphone and…

This will ruffle some feathers so let me qualify: I’m speaking specifically of independent creators who stand, statistically, almost no chance of ever growing an…

Earlier this month, Muse Group purchased the free audio editing program “Audacity” – a brand and a tool that has been a mainstay of podcast…


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